Covizmo offers cloud based software solutions to companies in the asset intensive industry within the field of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). We have more than 20 years of experience in Plant Maintenance, Materials Management and Document Management. Our products and services helps companies to get in control of their assets. Our software the Azenzus data modeling tool and our mobile Apps are used to collect, cleanse, classify, enrich, structure and view complex technical asset information.
Our mission
  • Together with our partners to offer our customers software solutions that enables them to build world class content that is in compliance with recognized international standards for digitalization of complex technical assets.

  • To offer our customers simple intuitive workflow oriented mobile apps that gives engineers and fieldworkers easy & reliable access to accurate information anywhere, anytime.

The unique combination of engineering and IT competencies, combined with world class software products, ensures that we can deliver high-end EAM software and services within content creation, visualization, configuration, implementation and mobility.

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