SAP Products

In order to speed up asset data management in SAP Covizmo has created several tools and reports to simplify data entry and maintenance.

Comparison tool

The main purpose of comparison tool is to compare similar objects across sister rigs and identify differences among them. User is able to identify a 'template' structure (SAP Plant) and several other structures to compare. Based on object descriptions and some other attributes system try to find matching objects and perform comparison among them. At current moment comparison of following SAP objects is supported:

  • Task lists

  • Maintenance plans

  • Measuring points

  • Spare parts

  • Equipment and Functional location structure

Attachments upload tool

This tool lets automate attachment upload to SAP system for equipment. It automates following tasks for each equipment:

  1. Create documents in SAP Document Management System (DMS)

  2. Documents uploaded in PDF format with a possibility to update a document profile (create new version of a document profile, upload new revision of document)

  3. Document should be linked/attached to correspond equipment in the tab "Document"
    Note: The link to equipment is made according to following rules:

    1. if DMS document number is not mentioned - new document would be created with attachment specified

    2. if DMS document number is in import sheet - new version of the document would be created and document would be attached to new version

    3. If there shall be created several attachments to the same equipment import file shall contain two rows that mention the same equipment but point to different files on filesystem

The tool uses for input an excel sheet that references to files on the server in one folder.

Tool for mass upload of attachments, notes

The tool has been designed for adding notes/attaching documents in Services for Objects for the following SAP Objects:

  • Measuring Point

  • Task List

  • Material

  • Notification

  • Order

  • Equipment

  • Maintenance Plan

  • Document

Work Permit and Isolation Certificates Application

Purpose of Work Permit solution is to create, monitor and print work permits for offshore drilling units.

All development is carried out in ABAP, and solution developed is tightly integrated to SAP EAM module.

A work permit is associated with a number of PM organizational terms such as Maintenance Order, Function Location, Plant, Equipment, etc.

Offshore work permits are maintained at two levels: Level 1 is the highest security level demanding entering of more data than level 2, which is the lowest security level.

Life-cycle of the work permits is the following:

  • If the work permit is created, it becomes a status 'new'.

  • Work permit is released

  • OIM is activating the work permit

  • After fulfillment of the work, the work permit is deactivated and completed.

Work Permits are connected to the Isolation Certificates. Before the work is to be started, the appropriate equipment has to be isolated. It is handled by Isolation Certificates Application that is part of Work Permit solution.

Drilling Daily Operational Report

Drilling Daily Operational Report is an ABAP Application created as a replacement of the daily drilling analysis done in excel sheet.

DOR is used for registration of production and operation data for a specific job on a well. One report is created for each day. And there can be several open reports for one job in time.

DOR consists of:

  1. General data

    • Job data (for further information please refer to PGM DOR – Job)

    • Operational comments

    • Status data (responsible person, approval/check status and dates)

  2. Safety data

  3. BOP test data

  4. Drilling data

    • Well (2 variants depending on rig type)

    • Wash pipe/Ton miles (2 variants depending on rig type)

    • Mud systems (2 variants depending on rig type)

    • Mud pumps

    • Surveys

    • Drill pipe/Casing (sub tabs f and g has changed place)

    • Drilling assembly

    • Bit

    • Subsea (enable/disable depending on rig type, 2 variants depending on rig type)

  5. Operation data

  6. Logistics/POB data

  7. Marine sheet (2 variants depending on rig type)

  8. Dynamic Position sheet (enable/disable depending on rig type)

  9. Notes

RSI Traveling / Crown block report

Create a list-report for Daily Operation Report (DOR) for drilling industry.

This transaction enables the user to search on Job Number and Plant from the DOR reports and having the search result listed in an ALV (Advanced List Viewer) list. From the list, the user can easily access the DOR applications, by pressing DOR Number.

Critical Spares Overview

ABAP for the overview of critical spares. Output of the report is in SAP ALV screen with the possibility of export of the report into excel and PDF.

Additional reports

50+ custom reports for SAP EAM in order to speed up data search and reporting from SAP system